These standalone Flash applications for kiosk and tablet help conference attendees to calculate various investment strategies. In addition, the kiosk contains a quiz for conferencegoers. A system administrator loads the day's high quiz scores and user data at the end of the day from a .sol file. The two applications were published from a single .fla and set of class files. I created a JSFL script to modify variables and publish the separate executables for kiosk and tablet. This enabled me to reuse the same code in both applications and for the designer to continue to update the designs while I worked out the functionality. The designer and I could work independently and test our updates by running a command from the Flash IDE.
presentation builderThe sit screen for the kiosk is a registration page. The user may enter his contact information with the kiosk's keyboard to receive information from JP Morgan and to register for quiz prizes. The user may also choose not to enter his information and proceed directly to the main menu.
presentation builder This is the kiosk main menu. The user can choose to run the trivia game, a quiz about one's desired retirement lifestyle, or a selection of investment calculators.
presentation builderHere is a sample trivia question. Users receive immediate feedback on their answers, and the quiz keeps a running tally of their score. High scores and all user data is saved to a .sol file on the kiosk, which a system administrator imports into a spreadsheet daily.
presentation builderThe kiosk application also includes a variety of investment calculators. This one, 401(k) and Your Paycheck, asks the user to input a series of numbers based on their salary, current investment status, and state tax information, and projections are calculated by the application.
presentation builderResults are displayed in a table with current and projected calculations.
presentation builderThis is the tablet home screen.
presentation builderTablet PCs have no key input, so a keypad built in Flash allows the user to input data.
presentation builderThe retirement calculator shows the user a quick snapshot of his financial status given current and future contributions.
presentation builderThe retirement calculator also shows the user a table detailing how long his nest egg is projected to last.