Microsoft Application Demos
Controller for several Flash demos of Microsoft's upcoming product releases. Styles, transcripts, bullet points, and media files are specified via XML.
Nikon Comparison Tool
Generator-based tool that allows users to compare features and specifications from selected Nikon cameras.
JP Morgan Financial Planning Kiosk and Tablet
Calculates a variety of retirement options and financial forecasts based on user input.
DVD for USA Hockey containing over 400 video tutorials, a multi-level accordian menu, manageable playlists, and search capability.
Price Waterhouse Cooper Graphing Modules and Broadcast Application
Graphing application for web and mobile devices that polls user responses. Administation tool for displaying results via large-screen video projection
Eddie Bauer and Environmental Media Association
Website devoted to environmental issues that includes animated menus and video. Room Planner
Users create and save room layouts based on custom room dimensions and by positioning, sizing, and rotating furniture from a list of generic items and their saved shopping carts.
Universal Media Player and Annotation Tool
Plays swf, mp3, and flv files in a single interface. Instructors make annotations, add closed captions, and ask questions about the media. Students then load the annotated media files and submit answers.
Book, radio story, and an animation featured at Sundance 2005.
Rich Text Editor and Peer Review Application
Instructors create assignments and manage class rosters, including student groups. Students write essays with rich text formatting, and they annotate essays by others in their group.
Flash presentation at Harvard University
ISM Sales Presentation
Standalone presentation for ISM to replace existing PowerPoint presentations. Presentation is customized by presenter using a separate, standalone tool that I built. Includes traditional Flash animation, flash video, audio, menu with keyboard control.
Kiosk Dart Game
Trivia game for kiosk that tracks user data and high scores
Lesson Builder
XML-driven tool for teachers to create lesson plans and portfolios based on state standards.
Lili at the Farm
Radio Story.
Flash/Generator tool for selecting phones and services plans. Features 360-degree views of products and a Flash 4 shopping cart.
Portfolio site for Bottlecap Studios.
Gallery 4016
Portfolio site for Gallery 4016.
Jimmy and Jewel
Radio story.
Nikon Accessories
Generator-based tool that allows users to see all accessories for a given Nikon product.
Monitor Software Components
Text area, scrollbar, scrollpane, alert window, and draggable class for Flash 5
Music Learning Modules
Flash-based e-learning tool to teach basic music concepts. Plays and controls audio files and animations to illustrate concepts such as beat, syncopation, texture, etc.